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With data analysis, we amplify your marketing efforts to meet the rigorous demands and expectations of the market, while maintaining strict control over the budget allocated for campaign execution. Our strategy allows you to surpass market standards by optimizing marketing investment and maximizing results.

Use Case in Marketing

Lead Identification and Prioritization

Achieve your sales goals by using your historical data to identify and define characteristics of high-quality potential customers and direct your resources toward these segments.

Churn Prevention and Customer Satisfaction

Identify customers with the highest probability of leaving your products or services, and create models capable of triggering preventive retention measures.


Predict and address the needs of your current and potential consumers to place your products and increase their conversion.

Budget and Campaign Optimization

Prioritize and optimize your promotion resources through the analysis of historical data and extraction of key information from other sources, for the development of precise strategies.

Success Story


Facebook Ads Target Audience Optimization

Solution | Marketing

Within the exciting world of marketing, a constant dilemma is having the right tools to bring innovative ideas to life.

We set out to turn vision into reality. Our goal was to create, design, and develop a Chrome extension based on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

This extension would become an indispensable ally for interest recommendations and ad targeting, with a strong focus on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States.

With this new tool in their arsenal, marketing companies could unleash their creativity, relying on advanced technology that transforms concepts into concrete actions

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