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Use Case in Manufacturing

Demand Prediction

Adapt your production according to market behavior using models capable of predicting your sales, reducing waste, and avoiding exceeding your storage capacities.

Quality Control

Improve your performance and ensure the quality of your products by leveraging data related to the state of your production, machinery, inputs, environmental factors, and more.

Predictive Maintenance

Transform your operation and reduce maintenance costs by receiving predictive signals about failures within production equipment to anticipate maintenance needs.


AI-Driven Quality Inspection

Solution | Computer Vision

Manufacturing companies dedicate a significant amount of time to meticulously inspect the parts used to assemble engines.We set out to design a solution that would revolutionize this process.

The solution involved installing an IoT box on the production lines, capable of detecting defects in automotive engine hardware parts in just one second

But, how did we achieve it? First, we trained an artificial intelligence image recognition model using examples of defect images collected in the past.

This exceptional AI model runs on a powerful Nvidia Edge Computing device. To bring the vision to life, we created a software system architecture in Microsoft Azure, enabling efficient data integration and management.

This case of innovation and technology became a reality, transforming the way manufacturing companies approach the quality inspection of their products, achieving notable improvements in efficiency and precision.

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