We are a formative and collaborative company

Every successful company has a story to tell. Here is ours.

The beginning

Our journey started with three professionals and the vision to create a company where the team can exercise their skills and develop in an environment of fulfillment and happiness.

This translates into our essence as a formative and collaborative company, driven by a group of passionate professionals.


We experienced exponential growth that has made us one of the largest Artificial Intelligence teams in Mexico.

In that year, our team expanded to over 60 people.


We faced challenges that led to a significant reduction in our staff. But, like the phoenix, we rose again. Currently, we are a team of 30 strong and determined individuals.


We became Google Partners, further expanding our reach and potential with Artificial Intelligence solutions.

This has strengthened our ability to provide cutting-edge AI solutions.


Enable organizations to use and leverage data-driven solutions.


Our vision is to become leaders in the creation of data-driven and Artificial Intelligence solutions in Latin America and globally.


We are a multidisciplinary team composed of highly specialized professionals in various areas of data-driven solution development, including:

Data Scientists

Data Engineers

Data Architects

UX/UI Designers

Software Developers

Subject-Matter Experts

Project Managers

Each member of our team brings their unique expertise to address challenges comprehensively and provide high-quality solutions in the field of data and artificial intelligence.

Our culture is based on being a formative and collaborative company, supported by five core values


We have the ability to excel in all aspects of our operation and management.


We adapt to times of adversity and uncertainty by overcoming challenges, emerging stronger from difficult situations.

Ethics and Honesty

We promote sincerity, integrity, and transparency in all our operations and business relationships. We believe in doing the right thing.


We practice collaboration, mutual support, and social responsibility towards our employees, clients, and the community.

Experience backs us up

We have tackled more than 60 projects of great complexity, serving clients in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States.

At every step of our journey, we have been pioneers in implementing innovative solutions. We continue to move forward with a constant commitment to inspire and transform the world through artificial intelligence and innovation.

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