Banking and Finance

Reduce risk and increase customer loyalty with Artificial Intelligence

We transform your company’s information into solutions capable of identifying patterns and generating predictions, tackling your financial intelligence processes in favor of your clients.

Use Case in Banking and Finance

Credit Scoring

We create models to automate and refine your approval processes, as well as portfolio management

Fraud Detection

We mitigate losses generated by fraudulent practices through automated identifiers and actions


We implement predictive analytics that focus on the needs of your current and potential customers.

Anti-Money Laundering Prevention

Identify and predict abnormal transactions to prevent impact on your reputation or potential legal expenses.

Success Story


Customer Segmentation

Solution | Customer Analysis

In the world of banking and finance, companies handle vast databases full of valuable information about their customers. However, this amount of data often resembles an unsolved puzzle, requiring tireless dedication to break it into useful pieces and ultimately provide opportunities that enrich the lives of customers.

Thus, our challenge was born: to design a solution that would allow us to create a complete profile for each of our clients, with the goal of expanding our X-Sell focus.

To achieve this, we segmented the customers. We used a variety of data, from deposits and current accounts to ForEx, investments, and loans.

Through data analysis, we unraveled patterns, trends, and specific needs of each customer, allowing us to create a truly personalized experience that reflected the diversity of their financial goals.

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